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About Me

My name is Claire. And this is my blog.

I …

 Am married to him:



Moved to San Diego in April of 2009.

Like to work hard.

Practice my photography skills whenever I can.

Wish I could read my bible as much as Aaron does.

Have a best friend who is in the Peace Corps.

Am from a little town called Ridgecrest.

Used to live in Venice Beach.

Went to college in Malibu at Pepperdine University.

Spent my sophomore year of college in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Spend more time apart from my husband/fiancée/boyfriend than actually with him.

Used to be a military wife.

Have 3 beautiful nieces and nephews.

Once went to Africa for 7 weeks.

Subscribe to about 35 blogs.

Got married 5 days before Christmas.

Have parents who have better taste in music than you.

Favorite tv shows are The Biggest Loser, The Office, and 30 Rock.

Workout with kettlebells to stay in shape.

Met lots of celebrities during my life in LA, some in not the best circumstances.

LOVE dachshunds and hope to own one some day!

Currently work in the area of public health, something I never thought I’d do, but I enjoy it!

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  1. Mom permalink
    December 8, 2006 11:15 pm

    I can’t wait to find the peppermint creamer in the store. Thanks for the info. We just bought some pink divinity ice cream from Schwans. We can’t wait to try it. We have been so busy with parties and watching B’s soccer.

  2. Valoria permalink
    July 15, 2007 7:12 pm

    I love your blog. It’s always nice to see what your friends are up to and to know when they have a good day or bad day. This page is now one of my favorites. Thanks for sending me the link.

  3. July 21, 2011 4:46 pm

    nice website! Keep up all this good stuff. Can’t believe I found out!

    Congratulations on the marriage.

    best, ross

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