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Things I am excited about

November 7, 2011

Like everyone is saying … “I can’t believe it is November already!”

Me too – it is a little overwhelming thinking about it. I usually have half of my Christmas shopping done by now, but not a single gift has been bought yet this year! I have lots of ideas of what I’m going to get people,  but there has been no action to my thoughts.

What is most overwhelming is all the activities I have planned this month. I’m excited that my work schedule works out to where I have at least one weekday off each week, sometimes even two!

I’m excited that I get to see my most favorite all-time band ever this Friday, THRICE! Aaron and I bought our tickets in August when they first when on sale … we’ve been waiting a long time to see them play again and I’m excited to hear them play their new album Major/Minor.

I’m excited that my friend Valoria is going to have her baby this month (remember I did her maternity shots) and she still doesn’t even know if she’s having a girl or a boy! She’s crazy!!

I’m excited that this month is Thanksgiving. I’m excited to see family, but I really want to do is rest. My work is non-stop lately.

But what is so exciting that it doesn’t even seem REAL … is that I get to see Lindsay this month!!

 She left for the Peace Corps in May 2010 and I have not seen her since. She’ll be in San Diego for half of November so I’m excited about all the fun stuff she has planned … because she is a planner and I’m a planner and we love planning things together 🙂

November, please slow down so I can enjoy you!!

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  1. Lindsay permalink
    November 8, 2011 5:38 pm

    LOL! Claire I LOVE you and I can’t wait to see you!!!!! xo

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