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Wolf Detox: Day 5

September 23, 2011

Day 5 … thought I would never get here!

So last night Aaron and I decided that Friday would be the last day of the detox. We’re so glad we did this, but with the weekend and me traveling – it was a little ambitious to go 8 days without meat/grains. Five days was my original goal anyways, so I’m not let down.

With our decision last night to add eggs back into the diet (not eating whole eggs, but baking with them) we made Silver Dollar Pancakes using almond flour for breakfast. We actually don’t have almond flour, but almond meal – which is a little more grainy than flour. I liked them and am willing to eat them again.

Every other Friday I have the day off so this Friday was my day off. We cleaned in the morning and then I did a little shopping while Aaron finished homework. I usually like to get a little treat (Starbucks, muffin, etc) when I’m out and about on my Fridays off, but I didn’t this time and I was just fine. I also didn’t have a headache at all today. Maybe it is my work giving me a headache?

I think another reason why we’re anxious to end this detox is that we both want to work out. Aaron worked out today and he said he felt really lethargic the whole way through. I know he’s really missing eating all the meat right now. I plan to workout Saturday morning so we’ll see how that goes.

Another benefit of having the day off means that there is more time to cook! We made pizza last night using the almond meal. We used all the regular toppings except for cheese and pepperoni. I generally eat ONLY pepperoni on my pizza for I was forced to eat bell peppers as my topping. It was good, just not what I prefer. I am a meat lovers pizza kind of girl! I also really liked the crust, but Aaron thought it was to sweet.

What I ate today:
Breakfast: Silver dollar pancakes. Coffee. Smoothie made from banana, strawberries, mango, protein powder, and coconut milk.
Snack: Banana.
Lunch: Mango “Naked” drink.
Snack: Green grapes.
Dinner: Pizza with almond flour crust, topped with Trader Joe’s pizza sauce, bell peppers, olives, onions and jalapenos (the last three were Aaron’s toppings).
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