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Molly’s Money Saving Digest – Feb Review

February 15, 2011

My friend Toni passed along a copy of Molly’s Money Saving Digest and asked me to write a review on it.

The Digest is a monthly publication with advice, tips, articles, and ideas on saving money, cooking, organization, house decor and much much more. This month’s topic was Molly Saves in the Bedroom.

I don’t know if you knew … but e-books/e-magazines are all the rage now. Maybe it is something about being “green” by buying something online (you can print this, but maybe you shouldn’t :)) , but they are in.

So anyway, you can get more details about Molly’s Money Saving Digest HERE. It’s an e-book!

The article that I really enjoyed reading was titled “You’re a Natural Beauty: Soft and Silky Skin.” It’s all about using ingredients/food that you already have at home as natural moisturizer. I feel like we’ve all heard about avocado being natural moisturizer, but how about virgin coconut oil? A little bit of this oil goes a long way and it does wonders on your skin.

I’m pretty sure you can buy coconut oil at your local grocery store. I’m going to check at Henry’s, which usually always has this sort of thing.

The Digest costs $4.95. You can purchase it at the links above. It’s just like buying a magazine, but there are no advertisements!

(I wasn’t paid anything to write this blog post, but I did receive a free digital copy of this month’s Molly’s Money Saving Digest.)

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