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We’re moving!!

February 9, 2010

To where??

Pacific Beach

Our lease is up at the end of this month. It was a great ride living in Coronado, but now it’s time to move on. We were blessed with the opportunity to live here our first year of marriage. We could not have asked for a more beautiful, relaxing, safe and awesome place to live. Our little 650 sq ft place is so adorable. We live about 100 yards from the San Diego Bay and right next to a 4 acre park.

So why are we moving?

For one thing, our rent is being raised. Unless we sign a year lease, the rent goes up A LOT! And we don’t want to sign another year lease in this apartment. Second, we feel a little isolated in Coronado. Although it’s nice living here (and I work here), we only have one set of couple friends that live here. Everyone else we know in San Diego lives elsewhere. We’ve been going to church at Newbreak for a long time now, and we’ve never met anyone else who lives in Coronado. We have to drive far for small group, church, and any other church events. Third, Coronado is a retirement community and tourist hotspot. If you know me, you know I don’t like tourists. And while living in a city where most people are retired is slow and relaxing (the highest speed limit is 30 mph), I’m 24 and I think I need to live elsewhere first.

So we are moving to PB. Most people know PB as a college party town. It is definitely the opposite demographic than Coronado. We are living in Crown Point, which is more toward Mission Bay, so it’s a little less party central. Our main goal in the apartment search was to find a place with a garage. Basically, Aaron’s fitness equipment is on our patio, in the living room and our bedroom. He needs his own space. We also wanted to live in a safe community. Aaron will be gone a lot over the next 6 months so it’s just me most of the time. We feel good about our new neighborhood and we have friends that live just a few blocks away. Another bonus of the new apartment is that our church has a campus about .4 miles away! Also Trader Joe’s and Target are close 🙂

What will be a big adjustment is the size of the apartment. My guess is that the place is 575 sq ft. I measured all the rooms and our furniture before taking the place. Everything will fit, but we’ll be cozy! At least we won’t have any gym equipment in the place. We gave away two huge bags full of stuff to Goodwill and got rid of lots of other stuff. Luckily we already have small furniture.

Moving day is this Saturday. 

Don’t hesitate to come and visit if you’re ever in the San Diego area!!

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