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My computer broke

April 4, 2009

My laptop died on me … hence the reason I have not blogged in a while.

Sad thing is that now I feel like I have so much to blog about and I can’t right now. It’s no fun.

Here is a quick update on my life:

  • Last Friday was the last day at my job up in LA. I left under the best terms possible and everyone was sad to see me go, but happy that I get to live with Aaron now.
  • Last Saturday, Aaron, my mom, and Brittany moved me from LA to San Diego. So I officially live in Coronado now.
  • Aaron dropped from BUD/Seals training. He is currently without permanent orders.
  • We are looking into new orders for him. He gets out of the Navy in September 2010. We are looking into stations in either San Diego, Hawaii, Singapore, Korea, and other places.
  • I am currently just “hanging out” in SD until we know officially what city we will be living in.
  • “Hanging out” in a new city and not having a computer is driving me crazy.
  • I’m just my apartment’s “business center” (two computers in a room) to write this blog post.
  • Lindsay Joiner’s wedding was 2 1/2 weeks ago in Coronado and it was wonderful.
  • Sarah (sister-in-law) and her son Ben came and visited Aaron and I a few days ago and it was really fun to have them here.
  • I have started to “twitter.” You can read my feed at
  • You should read my twitter feed because I update that more since I don’t have access to a computer much (you can update twitter from your phone)
  • If you’ve emailed me, facebooked me, myspaced me, etc… you should call me. That’s the best way to reach me until the end of April.

Thanks for reading!

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