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I am in Tulsa again

February 4, 2009

I am back in Oklahoma working on the same client I was before. This time I like it better, maybe because I’m more comfortable with the work that I have to do.

It is chilly here, but not as cold as it is up north. It’s about 50 degrees during the day and about 35 degrees when I walk across the street in the morning to the client’s office. I stay inside most of the time though so it’s ok.

This past weekend we had Lindsay’s bridal shower down in San Diego. It was really fun and Summer, her sister, did a really great job organizing it.

Then afterwards I went to go look at my new apartment in Coronado! Well actually, I just went and turned in the forms Aaron and I had to sign, put down our deposit, and viewed a two-bedroom apartment they had available to view. The actual apartment we will be getting is a one bedroom one bath. The apartment is ours February 23rd and Aaron gets back February 26th. It works out just great! We don’t know when we’ll actually be living in it togetherlike both there at the same time … but it is fun to tell people that I have a weekend apartment in Coronado.

The after that I got to hang out with Scotty, Sarah and Ben. It was fun to see them since I hadn’t seen them in about a month.

Well, I’m off to dinner in Tulsa!

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