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White chocolate mocha please, hold the fat

September 16, 2008

When I order my hot beverages at Starbucks I usually ask for them to use non-fat milk. I’m not on a diet or asking them for any other reason, but simply because I was raised drinking non-fat milk, it’s what I drink now, and it’s what I prefer in my Starbucks drink.

But for some reason the person taking my order usually feels like they need to comment on my drink choice. It usually goes something similar to what happened this past Saturday morning …

“Hi, can I get a grande white chocolate mocha with non-fat milk?”

“Ha (under his breath), yeah, with extra whipped cream?”

“Sure, why not, I don’t care.”

“Oh … I was just saying that because you got a non-fat mocha.”

“Well that’s the type of milk I drink.”

Is it that unusual to get non-fat milk? I know it’s trendy to get soy milk, do they comment about that too? Please don’t try to take away my whipped cream just because I get non-fat milk. Having whipped cream in my drink, Starbucks whipped cream, is one of my favorite things about the Starbucks experience. Seriously. Did you know that they add vanilla in it before they whip it, which is one of the reasons why it tastes so good?

It also adds 70 calories to your drink.

But I don’t care, my grande white chocolate non-fat mocha is 50 calories less than a usual grande white chocolate mocha, WITH whipped cream.

A usual is 470 calories … if you were wondering.

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