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New tradition?

August 26, 2008

My mom told me yesterday that she caught the bouquet at the wedding reception she just went too.

Yes. She’s married. No. The bouquet toss didn’t include all the women attending.

One of her former students was there so she “took off her rings” [direct quote from her] and went out with her to participate in the toss. I don’t know for sure if the bouquet was already heading in her direction, but she definitely caught it.

Tradition goes that the woman who catches the bouquet will be married next. What if she’s already married?

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  1. Barbara permalink
    August 29, 2008 10:33 am

    hmmmm, are you sure your mom didn’t hurt anyone trying to get the bouquet? : )

    What do the wedding books say about married women catching the bouquet? will there be a hex on her OR maybe your dad will propose to your mom again and they will renew their vows???

    I think renewing of the vows… No pressure Paul ; )

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