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July 8, 2008

I love to drive.

Obviously with gas prices being the way they are, I’ve cut back to only doing the essential driving. I drive to work, the gym, then to whatever event I have going on that weekend (weddings, baby showers, bridal showers … it’s what my summer has consisted of … but I love them, I’m not complaining there.)

When I first moved to Los Angeles to go to college, I would start driving just to see where the road would take me. I knew that to get back to Pepperdine all I needed to do was head toward the ocean and go north, so I never worried about getting lost. I would drive on Sunset and see where I would end up … drive in Santa Monica and learn which streets were named after states. It was fun. It was how I discovered the west side.

Coming home from a 4th of July party this weekend in Malibu, I took some canyon roads in order to avoid some post-firework traffic. As I was driving on the delightfully curvy canyon road, I realized I hadn’t had that much fun driving in a long time.

I drive a lot to San Diego or to Ridgecrest. But since I usually just have the goal of getting to my destination on my mind, I don’t truly enjoy the drive.

Anyone else out there miss the fun of driving?

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