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Gym memberships. Is it worth it?

June 27, 2008

After a month of basically not working out at all (just a few walks here and there) … I’ve finally made it back to the gym this week.

A lot of times it is so easy for me to just say after a long day, “oh, I’ll rest tonight and go to the gym tomorrow.” But this never happens. I always put it off and then weeks go by and I start to forget what the inside of a gym looks like.

What really motivates me to go to the gym though is not to get into better shape or be more healthy or lose weight (although these are good reasons too). What motivates me to get my body to the gym week after week is money. Yes, money.

Since September of 2006 I’ve been paying to work out.

$44.95 a month.

There’s been times where I’ve only gone to work out twice that month … that means each work out session cost me over $22! That’s not cool.

The original reason I signed up to pay to work out (and reason that still holds today) was for safety reasons. I had just moved to Venice Beach, I lived by myself and I liked to work out late at night. A 21-year-old girl shouldn’t be out jogging around late at night in the city. It’s just not safe. That’s how you end up on the 6 o’clock news.

And still to this day it’s why I pay money just to get some exercise. If I didn’t, I would not exercise at all. Los Angeles doesn’t make me want to work out, but being in the mountains or being in Ridgecrest does.

If I had to do it all over again, I’d still sign up for this gym membership. It’s not all that bad. My health is good (usually … this past month has done a number on my immune system) and I weigh 10 pounds less than what my license says. I’ll get it changed once I get married! Woo hoo!

Oh, and once I get married I can work out for free through the MWR (gym) on base. Just another perk of the fabulous military life … ha!

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