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Very proud for 342nd place

June 3, 2008

Aaron, my super-athletic fiancee, was the 342nd person to finish San Diego’s Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon this past Sunday.

342 is pretty good considering 16,373 runners finished the race. I don’t even know how many people there were in the beginning of the race. His official clock time was 3 hours, 17 min and 56 seconds … that’s running 26.2 miles! I don’t think I’ve even ran 26 miles this year!!

I am very proud that he finished with such a great time. Especially because he only started training and going on long runs to prepare for this like a month ago (yet he trains for hours a day doing other things before he started this marathon kick).

The Rock ‘N’ Marathon is fun because it winds through downtown San Diego and there is a different band playing at each mile. Pat Benatar was playing at the finish line this year … but I don’t think Aaron stayed to watch.

Aaron always tries to get me to run, but I always kindly refuse. He is, though, planning for his next marathon already.

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  1. June 5, 2008 9:06 pm

    Wow!! That’s fantastic!! I’m a walker (a very proud walker) who finished Sunday’s race in 7:07 (yes, hours!). I must have been 15,943rd place 🙂

    Pat Benatar wasn’t at the finish line – she played in a concert that night – free to race bib holders. Of course, I didn’t see her, because I was laid up in the hotel w/ little balloon feet and giant blisters. It was a happy pain.

    Congrats to Aaron! And if you decide not to run w/ him, remember that power walking is totally fun – and super good for you!

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