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One year ago today …

May 15, 2008

Our lease started on the apartment we are in now. It’s hard to believe that we’ve lived here for a year. Sometimes it feels like we just moved in a coule months ago … but it’s been a YEAR!

In the whole grand scheme of things a year isn’t that long, but for me it is. Since I’ve graduated high school, I haven’t lived in the same building for more than 8 months in a row. I was always moving from one place to the next.

It went like this: Ridgecrest, Malibu, Ridgecrest, Buenos Aires, Ridgecrest Malibu, Uganda, Ridgecrest, Venice, Palms … moving ALL my stuff everytime (special thanks to my Grandpa Archuleta for being there almost everytime!). Next place will be San Diego … but not for a while.

In August, I’ll have lived in the same area of LA for TWO years …

It also means that Lindsay, Whitney, Alysha and I have all been out of college for MORE than a year. Time really does seem to fly.

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  1. linds permalink
    May 16, 2008 9:07 am

    I’d like to point out that we’ve lived together in Buenos Aires (ok not in the same apartment, but being in another country at the same time counts), Malibu, Venice, and Palms. 🙂 And I second the thank you to Grandpa Archuleta.

    And I think Aaron should have to get me something to make up for stealing my roommate.

  2. May 16, 2008 11:32 am

    I actually did remind Aaron of how long I’ve lived with you recently … and he was impressed. He definitely will need to do something to make up for it!!

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