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I know …

March 6, 2008


Everyone and their mom keeps sending me links to articles about Airborne. You think I haven’t heard already? I knnnooooow. I read the news probably for at least 3 hours a day … it’s part of my job.

My response?

Of course there’s no magic medicine to keep us from getting sick. All it does is boost your immunity system. The only thing it has in it is vitamins and minerals. You can read that on the label.

I feel bad that Airborne and their marketing company felt they had to make up “clinical studies” in order to sell their product, but that’s what they did and over 40,000 people have written Airborne with their success stories.

It’s one of the best examples of the placebo effect. It’s “mind over matter” people.

It’s proven that our bodies absorb more nutrients from a liquid vitamin, than from a pill. That’s what Airborne is. It’s something you drink. Also it’s handy little tube is easy to carry around, so when I don’t feel good, I just pop it in my drink (where ever I am) and just drink it up.

Those Vitamin C pakets are exactly the same thing. It’s just vitamins. Not a magic cure (one of my former bosses said that two Vitamin C packets could cure any hangover …).

Echinacea, same thing. The FDA does not support claims by “herbal remedies” but people everywhere jumped on the Echinacea bandwagon and would take it only when they started to get sick. Then a study came out that echinacea had no benefit at all. And people started deserting it. But now, a new study has come out that says if you take the right kind of echinacea, it will help you.

Who knows what will happen to Airborne. It may live on as an “immunity booster” (not cure-er) or the product may die off eventually. I have two unopened tubes, but will not seek a refund of any kind.

And if they go on some massive sale … I’ll probably stock up too! 🙂

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