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Blogging with Compassion

February 12, 2008

Compassion International is right now, as I type, sponsoring 15 bloggers to go over to Uganda to simply blog about their experience there and bring awareness to Compassion and Africa in general.

These bloggers get thousands of views on their blogs each day, so just imagine how many people will be able to follow their journey and see Uganda through their eyes. While there, they will be visiting villages, meeting with Ugandans and sharing it all via their blogs with movies, photos and stories.

Here is a complete list of everyone on the trip:

Joe Carter and
David Kuo
Randy Elrod
Chris Elrod
Carlos Whittaker
Heather Whittaker
Sophie “Boomama”
Anne Jackson
Phil Ware
Doug Van Pelt
Shaun Groves

Compassion Staff

Spence Smith
Brian Seay


Keely Scott – 

The ones in BOLD are blogs that I currently read, but all of these blogs are awesome in their own unique way. Their trip started Feb 10 from the Chicago airport, so now they are in their first full day in Uganda. They will be there until Feb. 18.

My parents, sister and I were in Uganda during the summer of 2006, so seeing all their pictures bring back really great memories and experiences. It makes me want to go back!

Currently I am not sponsoring a child through Compassion International or any other organization, but I am seriously thinking and praying to begin to. Maybe you should too! Below is the link to find out more information about sponsoring a child.

Check out some of the blogs too for some amazing stories!!



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