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February 7, 2008

Life has been very busy lately. So busy that I haven’t found time to blog! How sad. I usually like to blog with pictures, because I think it’s more fun … but I don’t have any on me right now, so this will just be text!

Work: Has been good. My executives are really busy, which makes more work for me. I put in the highest amount of billable hours to clients last month since I’ve started working here – 50.5 hours! Usually I do between 12 – 18, so this was a big leap.

The apartment: dynamics are under going change. Alysha’s husband should be getting back next week so she flew to Colorado to be able to meet up with them. Although we’re sad she’ll be moving out, we’re all more excited that Clifford is coming home … so it kinda cancels out the sadness. Whitney and I will be switching rooms with Lindsay this weekend, yah for more closet space!!

Aaron: recently just bought a motorcycle. People keep asking me what kind, but I don’t know/remember that kind of stuff. But I do know that it is silver and looks really nice (and saves on gas)!

I: have not been to the gym in about 2 weeks and I think I’m starting to lose some muscle. I voted for the first time in my new neighborhood in LA on Tuesday, being a good citizen. And, I keep trying to get to the office early but it never works out because I’m addicted reading my new book called Skin, by Ted Dekker, and I keep reading late into the night.

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  1. Mrs. Bergens permalink
    February 7, 2008 9:44 pm

    I hope you get to the gym very soon.
    Love, Mom

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