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December 31, 2007

This weekend was spent in San Diego. Saturday night Aaron and I went to a restaurant in downtown SD called Chive (his sister and brother-in-law had given us a gift certificate for Christmas).

Chive calls themself a “cuisine moderne” restaurant. The waitress had to explain the concept of the restaurant to us because we were pretty confused when we first got the menu. Basically they serve only “small plates.” Small plates consist of dishes that are equivalent to the size of half an appetizer to a whole appetizer. It’s only about 4 or 5 bites of food of a normal entree.

So after our waitress explained everything and what all the small plates were, we picked out 5 to share. It was all really delicious and surprisingly filling seeing that it didn’t seem like we ate a lot (I was concerned Aaron would leave the restaurant hungry but he didn’t). We had bites of Korean ribs, some judori chicken, focaccia bread and other things.

Because we had to rely on our waitress so much for explanations, we talked to her more than you normally would and she seemed really nice. She even asked if Aaron was in the military and told us how her husband is a marine.

Well, the next day at church, who do you think we saw (or rather saw us)? It was Jennifer, our waitress from the night before! We arrived late and sat two rows behind her and her husband. She spotted us while we were looking for a seat. Now we know someone at church! (I’ve only been there 2 times and Aaron has only been going there for a little over a month now).

I’m sure glad we were so nice to her! You never know who you’re going to see at church in the morning.

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