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Old Navy NO MORE

December 13, 2007

I used to be an Old Navy fanatic. I only bought my clothes at Old Navy. Their clothes fit me just right and I loved how simple and uncomplicated it was to shop there. Decent clothes at a decent price. Kim and I used to go there just cause … no reason really, we just liked being in the store.

My feelings about the store have been changing over this past year, however. One of the main reasons I liked Old Navy was their slogan that it’s “fun for the whole family.” I don’t shop at stores like Abercrombie & Fitch because I don’t like the values it portrays as represented in its marketing and advertisements. Old Navy is a store where everyone can shop.

Well, it’s still a store where everyone can shop, but I personally feel that their advertising, especially via TV commercials has been falling short of the whole “family” feel. It all started with this commercial this past summer. Yes, you’ve always been able to mix & match swimsuits, but did they need all those close-ups and when did girls start cleaning pools in high heels?

Then they came out with a whole new line of denim for women and of course that meant another commercial. Not as bad as the swimsuit one … but I only say that because most everyone in it is wearing clothes.

Last night while I was at the gym, I saw the Old Navy commercial that pushed me over the edge and consequently spurred this post. Here it is:

At first I thought it was advertising pajamas, but with further research I have found that they are simply advertising “gifts that pamper.” I don’t know what that means within the context of that video, but, ok.

Compare it with last years Old Navy holiday commercial. There is no “cute” 16-year-old guy playing with a baby with his shirt off (is it just me? or was that weird for anyone else?) and there certainly is not a girl just wearing a sweater, underwear and boots. She seems like she might be cold … hmmm … put on some pants girlfriend!!! 

Old Navy doesn’t seem to focus on the family anymore. They’ve reverted to the idea that “sex sells” and it’s really too bad. They were sort of one-of-a-kind. Now to me, they’re just like any other store.

I’ve decided to stop shopping at Old Navy. I’m just going to stick to Target right now. Family, if you bought me an Old Navy gift card by chance, I’ll probably purchase shoes or a purse or something. No more clothes though.

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  1. Whitney permalink
    December 13, 2007 7:27 pm

    Holy moly! I’m reconsidering as well…what a bummer.

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