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California Wildfires

October 30, 2007

The fires are slowly dying down. We can all be thankful for that.

The part of Los Angeles I live in wasn’t affected by the fires, but our air certainly was. The day the fires started, I drove from San Diego to Los Angeles. I got gas in Orange County at 9:30 at night … it was 89 degrees out and the wind reminded me of Ridgecrest. In San Diego it looked like it was foggy, but it was all really smoke.

I was in San Diego again this weekend. The sky was blue for the first time on Sunday.

Yesterday I went to the American Red Cross website to donate money to the fire victims … there was a message there that said they already had enough donations and they didn’t need anymore for that area … I wonder how many times that has happened before …

Thanks to the tremendous compassion shown to the residents of Southern California by our generous supporters, the American Red Cross was able to swiftly and successfully meet the needs of one of the largest evacuations in California history. You can continue to support future disaster relief efforts by donating to the Disaster Relief Fund. Generous gifts to this fund enable the Red Cross to provide food, shelter and counseling to the victims of thousands of disasters across the country each year. This fund ensures, just as it did in Southern California, that help is immediately available in every community across the United States. Your continued support is also essential to the more than 750 Red Cross chapters that provide lifesaving support in local communities every day.
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