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Griffith Observatory

October 16, 2007

On Saturday Aaron and I went to the Griffith Observatory in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles. I’ve always heard about it but have never been there, so we decided to go!

Griffith Observatory is the most visited public observatory in the world. Griffith J. Griffith had it built because he wanted to inspire people through astronomy. It originally opened in 1935 and was just reopened in 2006 after a four year renovation.



There were also a lot of exhibits there where you could learn about our solar system and basically anything that has to do with the sky. My favorite part of the exhibit was a section where they had little areas devoted to each planet. You could see how much you weigh on all the planets. On our moon, I weigh 23 pounds!

We also went to the planetarium show which was pretty cool … besides the fact that the narrator for the show had a creepy voice. The show went through the history of how man has discovered and explored the universe. It touched on how the universe might have been created – saying that a big explosion started life. But the narrator also added that there are many holes in this theory and that astronomers may never know exactly how our world was created. I’m glad that the observatory stated that their theory about how life began is incomplete and that they don’t have all the facts to back up the theory … they didn’t suggest any alternatives to how the universe began (i.e. God) but at least they weren’t being close-minded.

If you’ve never been to a planetarium, I suggest that you go. You get to sit back in reclining seats and watch cool things in the “sky.” One of my favorite parts was when it showed where all the constellations were in the sky … the Greeks had a wild imagination, but now I can see where they got bears, scorpions, and horses from.



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