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Bunk beds

July 10, 2007

Monday I was hit with the reason why I didn’t like to make my bed when I was younger.

Bunk Beds!

Have you ever tried to make your bed if your mattress happens to be on a bed that is bunked? Well if you haven’t, let me tell you … it’s harder to do. No matter if you’re on the top or the bottom, making your bed is harder if they are “bunked.”

My new roommate and I (a post on her later) got bunk beds on Sunday. I woke up on Monday, went to go make my bed (as I have been recently) and discoverd that it’s not quite so simple anymore. I can’t stand freely over my bed, my comforter doesn’t fit between the wall and the bed … it’s just plain harder to do.

When my sister and I shared a room and had bunk beds, I was on the top. This too was a feat – trying to make your bed. In this position, you actually have to sit on your bed while you make it (well since I was younger I couldn’t stand and make it) and your head has the high probability of hitting the ceiling.

It’s very hard let me tell you. So now, I’m going to continue tyring to make my bed every morning … it’s just a little harder now with the bunking of the beds.

Mom, maybe that’s why I never liked to make my bed.

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  1. mom permalink
    July 11, 2007 8:28 pm

    I remember making your bunk bed for a long time. I just thought you were “right” brain and didn’t know how to make your bed.

  2. Barbara permalink
    July 12, 2007 11:06 am

    Good One, Margaret!!! đŸ™‚

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