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Chipotle BBQ Fries

November 2, 2006

Tonight Deb and I went to Wednesday Night Worship at Pepperdine and then headed to the basketball game. Pepperdine was playing Cal Baptist (where Deb went to school) so we were rivals for a while. I’m glad to report that after overtime, Pepperdine won 108-102. It was a pretty good game though, I’ll give Cal Baptist some credit.

Once we got home, this incredible wave of hunger washed over us. We debated over whether to make cookies, pizza, fries … all of it? We actually had everything on the counter and had to look at it all. We eventually decided to make Chipotle BBQ fries (courtesy of Trader Joe’s) with an appetizer of cookie dough. Then we went to bed satisfied. 🙂 Having a roommate is fun.

Look at the time

A full bowl of Chipotle BBQ fries

All gone

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  1. November 3, 2006 2:01 am

    chookie dough and fries with my roomies… fun.

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