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a re-post

September 22, 2006

img_0629_1.jpgSo I got a complaint that I didn’t properly blog when Kim and Deb came down. So I’m going to redeem myself with another blog about this past weekend and pictures that I stole from Kim’s blg.

p1010006_8.jpgKim (one of my best friend’s from back home) came down with Deb this past weekend. Right now they are roommates in Riverside, but soon Deb will be moving in with me! She got a job with Habitat-for-Humanity down here in LA, so she’s going to stay with me until she finds a place a little closer to where she works. It’ll be fun having a roommate again, especially because Deb really is fun!

While they were here we had lots of fun in Venice and Malibu! We went out Friday night around where I live. Saturday we not only ran to the pier, but we looked at all the shops off the boardwalk in Venice. We went to a Thai restaurant for lunch called Cholada in the Pacific Palisades. And then finished off the afternoon with a little tour of Malibu with stops including Starbucks and Pepperdine.

This week has sure gone by fast. Tomorrow is already Friday … I can’t believe it.

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  1. Deb permalink
    September 23, 2006 6:48 am

    I had such a good weekend when Kim and I came out. I can’t wait to discover more fun things to do. Thanks so much for taking me in off the street. One more week and then we’ll be roommates, let the good times begin!

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